24/7 Destination

Our proposals will reflect the Corporation’s own wider vision to make the City a 24/7 destination for tourists and local residents.

The Corporation has identified that for the City to realise its vision, more than 4,000 hotel rooms will be required to meet demand from workers, tourists and residents. Our proposals for Boundary House will help the City of London meet that demand.

The provision of commercial floorspace at ground and first floor not only gives us the potential to deliver a wide range of cultural and community uses and services but also allows us to activate both Jewry Street and Carlisle Avenue. The design of the ground floor plan ensures that the windows serving these areas are fully openable allowing the activity within these spaces to spill out onto the streets to create a sense of character and dynamism that is currently lacking. 

Following consultation, we wanted to push the boundaries of our public realm offer by creating the potential for a new shared public space at Rangoon Yard and by further activating the street frontage on Carlisle Avenue, with shared paving creating a new east west route through the site. 

The Grand Bar at ground floor will serve food and drink and also act as a service point for a new bakery, drawing footfall into the building and providing a new offer for local residents and businesses with fresh local produce. Coupled with the rooftop restaurant, Boundary House will provide a range of beautiful places, each with their own character, to drink, eat, relax and enjoy