24/7 Destination

Our proposals will reflect the Corporation’s own wider vision to make the City a 24/7 destination for tourists and local residents.

Ground Floor Bar & Restaurant on Jewry Street

Carlisle Avenue Tunnel

The Corporation has identified that for the City to realise its vision, more than 4,000 hotel rooms will be required to meet demand from workers, tourists and residents.

Our proposals for Boundary House will help the City of London meet that demand.

The ground floor will be as open and as permeable as possible. This will allow us to address the current level access issues, with all frontages onto Jewry Street and Carlisle Avenue activated by a mix of accessible areas, including a new pocket park.

Following consultation, we wanted to push the boundaries of our public realm offer. We have responded by seeking to create a new shared public space at Rangoon Yard and by further activating the street frontage for the length of Carlisle Avenue with shared paving creating a new east west route through the site. We have also introduced a double height façade on the ground floor including bi-fold windows which will make it far more inviting to pedestrians.

The rooftop bar and restaurant will provide a beautiful place to drink, eat, relax and enjoy and will include generous south facing terraces.