Ploberger Hotel Group is committed to a world class transformation of Boundary House from an outdated and inefficient office building to a dynamic and modern mixed use development.
South View 1 - Updated Proposal

Our transformation of Boundary House has been fundamentally shaped by our consultation and engagement with the local community and will create a new, sustainable basement, ground + 14 storey building, standing approximately 62m high delivering:

  • A 4* luxury 311 room hotel
  • A dedicated hotel lobby, bar, café and bakery facility at ground floor
  • A rooftop bar and restaurant
  • Commercial space with an opportunity for co-working, community and cultural uses
  • A new public route around the building, a ground floor planting and potential to facilitate a new public open space at Rangoon Yard improving accessibility and public realm at the ground floor
  • Significant planting at levels 5 and 15 to improve urban greening, air quality and local biodiversity.

Following ongoing discussions with City officers, we have made a number of minor amendments to the design of our proposals in regard to tone, materiality and other design details.

The key amendments include; 

  • Redesign of the Rangoon stair entrance to create a more inviting and green dwell space, with stepped seating and integrated planters. 
  • Carlisle frontage facade updated to provide a more vibrant impactful design to draw people in through the arch. 
  • Refined tone and materiality to better fit within the context. 
  • Introduction of windows onto the southern frontage to better activate the facade. 
  • Introduction of glass balustrades to the roof terrace to lighten the top of the building. 
  • Stepping the top fins to reduce the bulk and mass at the very top of the building.
Top Bay - Updated Proposal